Derick Broekhuizen

In 1999 the legacy began when Derick Broekhuizen founded The Broekhuizen Group of Companies. Broekhuizen Bulk Carriers (Pty) Ltd was established in 2011.

Our company offers customers an integrated transport service with the highest standards for safety and equipment. We are committed to deliver goods on time, build partnerships with key customers and continuing to invest in quality service and promised delivery.

Our highly experienced and dedicated team is committed to service excellence. They pride themselves in constantly being innovative and setting new standards within this industry.

“Our trucks set the standard!” With our Black and Red trademark colours, Broekhuizen Bulk Carriers (Pty) Ltd is the pride and joy of Derick Broekhuizen.

“The secret to any successful business operation is good management, customer service and motivated employees”, says Derick Broekhuizen.